The Book Thief By Markus Zusak – A Book Review


       I’ve never liked stew. It’s thick and lumpy, and it seems to go on forever. Not the first bowl you have, of course. But the big pot you see in the fridge for the next three weeks. It stares at you, telling you the responsible thing to do, […]

A Broken Race By Jean Davis – A Book Review


       A Broken Race was one of those moments where as soon as I saw it, I wanted to know what it was about. It was for sale through my publisher, and I knew with it being a fairly short book that it was something I could read through without […]

Dear George Lucas 2


 Oh, boo hoo George Lucas. Let’s have a talk.   You did us a solid by giving us the original three Star Wars movies. Some parts were rough, but we forgave you. Not because you gave us exactly what we wanted, but because the characters were interesting and the plot […]

Published Author Status


    Here it is! Released earlier this year, my fantastic publisher, Caffeinated Press released a short story anthology. Brewed Awakenings #1 is leaving soon, though! It is making way for the second anthology – which will be released by Christmas. This means you should buy a copy of the firs anthology […]

Candy Crush Mixed Fruit Gummies


 Say what you will about Candy Crush & the King Company, the graphics on their products are catchy. Eye popping, bright, and welcoming are the ideas you get when you see anything from Candy Crush. When I was at the store a few weeks back, I saw this box of […]

Candy Crush Gummies